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Backups Available

All your data is solely stored in German data centers, including daily backups stored at a different location. We take care of your backups - no need to worry about this topic anymore.

Reliable Hardware

The ship software SBA is hosted on powerful servers that are owned by us, we do not share resources with other services. If you are running a SBA fleet, you will use your own database and webserver instance.

We set up everything you need

Don’t worry about complex software installation or extensive trainings. We will set up the ship management software SBA for you - it will be ready-to-use and guide you through the process of data creation with helpful texts and a step by step system.

Secure connection

IDEA SBA uses full SSL encryption to secure all your communications with the web portal. Our mobile application can also make use of SSL to encrypt all the data that is exchanged with your vessels

Experienced Staff

Idea is developing maritime software for vessel since 2001. Our ship software is in use on more than 900 vessels worldwide. Together with the SpecTec Group that is serving ship management software for more than 8000 ships, we have 27 offices in over 20 countries.

Scalability to Fit Your Needs

Our ship software SBA is designed to work from a single vessel installation up to fleet wide solutions. The tools provided within SBA support the easy creation, management and evaluation of your data. You get a quick overview about all important data of your vessel or fleet.

Ship Management Software SBA for fleets
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FAQ - Frequently asked questions
Please look here first in case of open questions

FAQ – Frequently asked questions

What happens after the checkout?

After checking out you will receive a confirmation E-Mail and all the information you need to use your ordered fleet and ship software.

How can I manage my account?

Just Click on the “My Account” button in the main menu.

How can I cancel a subscription?

Please login with your user details and after that just go to the “My Account” sections where you will find the point “Subscriptions”. There a subscription can be canceled.

What are the payment methods on this ship software shop?

At the moment only Credit Card payment is possible.

Where can I get more informations on the ship management software IDEA SBA?

Just take a tour on our Demo. IDEA SBA Demo

If you want more information on the features of the fleet software IDEA SBA just contact our office where Tobias Allebrodt can help with further information.


How do I get my ordered ship software?

Your ordered ship software will be installed automnatically and after that you will receive all information including the URL via E-Mail.


Can I attach a service or delivery report to a completed task?

Yes, you can attach documents and certificates to almost all SBA parts including an expire date if needed.
Documents can be easily added via drag and drop or by selected a file.
SBA mobile allows you to take a picture or use an existing one.


Can I take or attach a photo to a completed task?

Yes, with SBA Mobile you can take pictures or use existing ones from your gallery.  Also the web application allows you to attach picuters, documents like Word, Excel or PDFs.


Can a photo ID be attached to a piece of equipment?

Spare parts, components, maintenance intervals and many more can contain as many linked documents and images as you want.
In case you want to track the serial numbers of equipment SBA also offers a dedicated field for this.


Can critical equipment monthly maintenance reports be printed or emailed?

Yes, the the ship and fleet software SBA offers a report for all your maintenance that can be filtered and even customized to fit your needs.

All reports in the ship management software SBA can be used in a subscription with a customer interval, SBA will send you the report via Mail every Day, Month, Year.
Subscriptions can also be paused and changed.


Can critical equipment monthly maintenance reports be printed or emailed?

You can set for each spare part a min and maximum stock level that is used to inform you incase this levels are exceeded, SBA offers a KPI/Reminder screens that shows vessels/warehouses with spare parts outside your levels