25Apr, 2018

SBA release 2018.3

The 2018.3 release will get online soon, read what´s new and have a look at our public demo page.

28Feb, 2018

SBA 2018.2 released

The next major feature in SBA comes with Version 2018.2 – the “Crew Planner”. As the name suggests, the new planner allows you to manage your crew…

11Jan, 2018

Goodbye 2017… Hello 2018!

We hope you all had a wonderful holiday season,could get some rest from the sometimes stressful everyday life and celebrated the start of the new year with your beloved ones.

04Dec, 2017

Some exciting news about our App

NFC Tags, the latest innovation to retrieval your important information just by one touch. The new major and unique feature for SBA Mobile allows you to quickly interact with your equipment.

16Nov, 2017

SBA at WorkBoat Show

It is said that everyone from the marine industry is there and by “there” we mean the International WorkBoat Show in New Orleans, up for a visit?

14Nov, 2017

SBA 2017.5 Release

Version 2017.5 as the last major update of SBA in 2017, adds a huge number of new features.

20Sep, 2017

Two exhibitions, one mission

Messe Kalkar or “Wonderland Kalkar” is a very special place: its center of attention is a never used nuclear power plant…

30Jun, 2017

SBA Release 2017.3

SBA 2017.3 will go live next week, check out whats new and get the full change log

14Jun, 2017

Purchase module-online, check it out

New purchase module preview online – read more and try it on your own…

04May, 2017

SBA at Maritime Industry 2017

SBA will be presented at the Maritime Industry 2017 in Gorinchem (Netherlands), booth 556.

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