SBA for Fleet Manager

Managing a fleet can become a bewildering task. The IDEA SBA platform provides an overview that enhances the clarity and accuracy of daily operations by duplicating data of sister vessels, managing spare parts, monitoring costs, customize reports and have them sent out automatically. Spares and inventory requests can also be made and transferred from vessel to vessel.

Due to the reporting customization feature you can manage your fleet from anywhere in the world, by receiving daily reports regarding stock, maintenance, and safety directly to your email. Purchase tool will keep track of all your spending as well as the person who is executing, requesting or approving it. You can set boundaries on who can approve certain purchases based on a specific amount across the entire fleet or for a specific vessel. You can also manage quotes from different manufacturers from the IDEA SBA database by simply sending an email and having each company fill out the appropriate information. This step by step process will limit the amount of errors by not allowing you to spend more money that you have to and by making sure you are getting the best deal available for your business.

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