SBA for Crew & Safety Manager


Working in a heavily regulated industry under Subchapter M, your department has to implement, promote and control a safe and healthy working environment, excellent work standards and  environmental protection for all of your company’s employees.

Track resources and plan crew changes in a simple management process with safety as the key to a successful working environment.IDEA SBA helps you monitor incidents and unsafe situations which enhances the working environment and simplifies the process for the crew to submit information about the status of on-board systems, and procedures to the shore office. Utilizing a modern IT system where your Policy and Procedure documents, Audits, Incident Reports, nonconformities and Corrective Actions are all stored in one place will help minimize the risk of failure to comply.

SBA provides an accessible platform to oversee each person on board with a wide range of coverages. These include recruitment, documentation of crew data, scheduling, and staff training. SBA will man age this data allowing you to view it in a way that suits you, whether you choose to look at all the vessels simultaneously or focus on one specific vessel at a time. These features are put into place in order to minimize the chances of an administration error.

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